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Between 2001-2002 Gary McKinnon hacks NASA and becomes the most well known hacker in Ufology. What he found in NASA’s database had the public scratching their heads.

The Baltic Sea anomaly is a feature visible on an indistinct sonar image taken by Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åberg and their Swedish "Ocean X" diving team while treasure hunting on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea.

New York is jam packed full of amazing UFO sighting and wild Alien encounter stories. With a city so populated, you'd imagine everyone there has seen a

UFO or two. 

What’s up with NASA’s weird obsession with ancient Egypt? NASA is deeply rooted in the occult, from the imagery in their logos and patches, to the rituals surrounding rocket launches, and even the moon landing.

Arizona skies baby! The girls are talking Phoenix Lights, and of course you can’t talk about the event with out mentioning Kurt Russel himself. This mass sighting is one of the greatest our little country has ever seen! Then the girls jump into their spaceship to time-travel to the 2018 Arizona Pilot Sightings. 

New Mexico has more then just the Roswell Crash. Bri & Jaimie look into the other other Roswell Crash, The Aztec New Mexico Crash. Do they fact or sci-fi it? The Farmington UFO Sightings and how the government got involved. And the Lonnie Zamora Case, even Project Blue Book had a hard time explaining this one.


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